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The saline pool Modern buildings for your relax

Modern buildings designed specifically for the customer, with all comforts for a stay of pure pleasure:

  • hydromassage
  • heated
  • telescopic covers

Hotel Manzoni, to propose an ever more complete and updated, it has two pools, one saltwater and one freshwater, complete with all the amenities for the ultimate well-being of our guests.
The different needs of our customers has led us to customize our offering as much as possible, with solutions to meet any request.

Wellness and SPA treatments

Thalassotherapy The benefits of bathing in salt water pool

The pool Salina exploits the beneficial effects of seawater on the body, particularly suited to make the skin more toned and supple, with the ability to promote the recovery of muscle tone oxygenating the tissues.
A real beauty treatment that helps to achieve a bright and elastic skin a more toned body. The sea water, very similar in composition to fluids in the body, is a valuable ally of well-being and freshness.
In Summer outdoor swimming pool, with water at room temperature.
A bathroom a Seawater is able to facilitate the drainage of fluids through a process of osmosis, so it is recommended against water retention and swelling that can result.
The sea water is an excellent solution for those who want to lose weight, you can jump-start our metabolism blocked or subjected to a slow pace.

There are many benefits for your skin, do not forget that the sea water has remarkable properties that act against bacteria and inflammation.
This is possible thanks to the presence of sodium, copper and sulfur, substances with unique beneficial properties.
For this reason a high-salinity water bath is recommended for those who suffer from psoriasis, eczema or other skin diseases.

The relaxation of the freshwater swimming pool

The freshwater pool is suitable for those who want to spend pleasant moments relaxing in a bath which regenerates the body and discharge accumulated stress.
The therapeutic potential of our health in the swimming pool are now assodatie addition to acting directly on muscle and joint pain, helping to alleviate them, improves blood circulation and respiration, promoting tissue oxygenation. This service is added to the many possibilities offered by our 4 star hotel, which offers several spa packages and special offers for an unforgettable holiday in Montecatini. Take the chance and let go in a relaxing and rejuvenating bath for a relaxing holiday.

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