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Infrared sauna

The Sauna is a treatment that uses heat to purify the body, accelerating the venous and lymphatic drainage and metabolism of adipose tissue.

Inside the modern Hotel Manzoni Wellness Center is a far infrared sauna, which combines the beneficial properties of common saunas detoxifying and soothing power of infrared rays.

With no fumes and antibacterial properties, this type of sauna has beneficial effects significantly higher than more conventional saunas.

The conduct of the treatment

Before entering please take a shower at room temperature to open pores and relax, then get wet for a few minutes in the sauna, go out again to take another shower, cooler, then back in the sauna itself.
You should not exceed 15/20 minutes in the sauna and in any case to adapt gradually, starting with a shorter time.

Once outside, a cold shower allows you to return to the normal temperature and have a firming effect on skin.
To allow your body to absorb all the beneficial effects of the Swedish Sauna recommended some 'relaxing on the sun's Color Therapy.

It is also essential to replace fluids and minerals lost through sweat. Infusions are given, preferably without added sugar.

Wellness and SPA treatments

Spend a wellness holiday in Montecatini

The resort is nestled in the green not far from the famous spas, swimming pools and has many Service for an unforgettable holiday in Montecatini.

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