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Hotel Manzoni Beauty Farm

In the Beauty Farm Hotel Manzoni Wellness Center will be pampered by the expert hands of our qualified staff will take care of your body with soothing massages and relaxing.
Each massage is designed to achieve specific results, acting in a targeted way on certain areas of our body.
Long or rhythmic movements, gentle or energetic, acting on the body to relax, drainage, stimulates blood circulation, shape and stretch.
The deep knowledge of the subject and the constant allows us to offer a wide variety of massages and personalized increasingly articulate.

Massage treatments

In addition to traditional massage for relaxation and wellness of the body, such as modeling or anti-stress massage, massage also offers original, such as:

  • Massage with peppermint which reactivates the energy of the whole organism
  • Massage Reiki, which activates and balances the chakras energetic
  • Massage Greek-Roman foot is made from the neck giving them elasticity and firmness

On a body massage produces beneficial effects by stimulating the metabolism and boost circulation, muscle distenzione, general tonic, improves tissue oxygenation.

Wellness and SPA treatments

Wellness center All massages

Massage essential oils

It acts on the welfare of the whole body using essential oils, detoxifying nourishes the skin giving a physical and emotional wellbeing.

Price 25 minutes: € 40.00

Price 50 minutes: € 80.00

Relaxing Body Massage

Distende la muscolatura di tutto il corpo attivando la circolazione linfatica e sanguigna con azione decontratturante e rilassante per i muscoli.

Price 25 minutes: € 30.00
Price 50 minutes: € 60.00

Relaxing massage cervical spine

Accumoli aimed at reducing the fat and tone your body. It is devoted exclusively to running legs and glute.

Price 25 minutes: € 30.00

Toning Massage

It acts on the muscles of the lumbosacral spine from cervical to eliminating the stress and muscle aches.

Price 25 minutes: € 30.00

Anti-stress Massage

Acts on the psycho-physical active circulation with anti-fatigue action, with slow movements and deep.

Price 50 minutes: € 60.00

Chocolate Massage Spa

Apart from giving oxygen to tissues, from energy and vitality to the whole body and mind.

Price 50 minutes: € 70.00

Candle massage

With an atmosphere of scents, colors and lights, ideal to nourish and hydrate the skin with gentle maneuvers, gives a muscle relaxation using Candle fruit (orange, cherry, green apple, vanilla)

Price 25 minutes Price: € 40.00

Massage mint

Reactivate the energy of the entire organism giving a pleasant sense of freshness.

Price 25 minutes Price: € 40.00

Cellulite Massage

Deep massage acts on adipose tissue by squeezing movements favoring the blood and lymphatic circulation.

Price 25 minutes Price: € 30.00

Lymphatic Massage

It stimulates the lymphatic and blood circulation in arteries and veins, bringing oxygen to the tissues and promoting the elimination of waste.

Price 70 minutes Price: € 70.00

Price 40 minutes Price: € 40.00

Massage Greek-Roman

Relaxing and analgesic, aids recovery funsionale the musculo-skeletal system. Back only.

Price 25 minutes Price: € 35.00

Price Partial 50 minutes: € 60.00

Californian massage

Massage wrap-sweet, acts on the nervous system. By loosening the tension, stimulates circulation giving vitality, toning and calming the nervous system. He has a remarkable beneficial effect on emotions and the psyche.

Price 60 minutes Price: € 70.00

Hot Stone Massage

Massage with hot volcanic stones, eases tension restoring energy balance. It helps to relieve the tension of the spine, the main cause of painful backache. Back only.

Price 30 minutes Price: € 35.00

Price 60 minutes Price: € 70.00

Pinda Sveda

The massage divede in two phases: 1 st - 2 nd Abbianga Massage - We pass on the entire body two Pinda Sveda (bags) containing a mixture of dried herbs hot and humid. Effective in reducing water, rheumatic, promotes circulation, giving a feeling of well being and lightness.

Price 60 minutes Price: € 80.00

Garshan (Massage Milk)

The massage is divided on two stages: 1 st - 2 nd Abianga Massage - deeper massage with hot milk bags, towel over the entire body with a circular motion, making the soft muscle tissue, relax and detoxified.

Price 60 minutes Price: € 80.00

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Hotel Manzoni has 95 rooms with all the comforts and quality services to meet your needs.
For our guests wellness packages and special offers to spend unforgettable moments in the beautiful surroundings of Montecatini Terme.

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